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About the Project

About the Project
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Construction Impacts

Final Project Update: November 20 - November 27, 2023

Final Project Update:

  • Paving of Old Northgate and Roller Coaster is complete with roads open.

  • There will be minor work along Old Northgate and Roller Coaster for the next 1-2 weeks to clean up the shoulders, lay final seeding, and add permanent striping. Expect some traffic control and delays.

  • Restoration of all segments will be complete this year including fixing signs, mailboxes, final landscaping, etc.

  • Old Northgate Road will receive a slurry seal (new top coat) next spring.


Thank you for your patience over the last 7 months as we completed the project for the Black Forest area, we appreciate it! There are now 31 active fire hydrants along the segments to aid in future firefighting efforts.


If you have any concerns with construction activities associated with the project, please contact Max McClean at For any other inquiries, please reference Triview's website:


After Dec. 31st, this site will no longer be active. 

 *Dates subject to change and are weather dependent.

What to Expect During Construction

  • Work began in Spring of 2023. Estimated 2024 Completion.

  • Expect delays periodically throughout construction.

  • Residents within the project area will receive notifications for major construction activities that will potentially result in delays or detours.

  • To ensure the safety of residents and crews, car permits will be issued to local residents. The purpose is to reduce the number of cars within construction areas and will not prevent you from going to and from your home

  • Entrances to parks and trails may be closed during parts of construction for user safety. Please refer to the maps below on which Park entrances and Trails to use during construction.

Upcoming Closures and Detours 

TriveiwNDS Sep 2023 Map.png

Roller Coaster Road Summer and Fall 2023 Closures

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Sanctuary Trail Closure Map v2 July 2023-05.png

Sanctuary Trail Closure

Triview NDS Project Collateral v1 4.21.23-07.png

Work Timeline Map by Neighborhood Segments

Triview NDS Northgate Detour Map-12.png

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Project Information

Project Information
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